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Samantha Roberts interviews Will Figueroa, Founder of Purple Circle on "Story Telling by the Numbers" Show.

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Story Telling By the Numbers Interview with Will Figueroa Founder of Purple Circle (Web Optimized)


Samantha Roberts, host of "Story Telling by the Numbers," interviews Purple Circle Founder, Will Figueroa and has a courageous conversation around the power of transition and the growth that comes from letting go of our security in order to Pivot into Our Purpose.


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All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of storytelling by the numbers today. I'm with Will Figueroa. He and I have met through the Grant Cardone community, but he has just taken me by storm. He is such an infectious, incredible element to my day-to-day encouragement in life because I see you Will, just stepping into your power and your authority and your ultimate contribution.

Give a little background to the community who you are, what you're called to do, and maybe the latest transition in your life.

Oh my gosh. You are so good for my soul right now and my ego and my spirit. So thank you. Thank you for that introduction. Yeah. So my name is Will Figueroa friends call me wifi.

And where I was to where I am today has been pretty miraculous back in February. I lost my job through layoffs because of COVID. I was working for a Fortune 500 company. And I saw the signs you know, I, I saw that. I don't want to say that the ship was sinking, but that there was going to be some, some major changes, including layoffs.

And so the October prior I had the privilege and the opportunity to get involved with the Grant Cardone platinum accelerator program. And that was, that was in and of itself a miracle because I didn't think that one, I was able to afford it. I didn't know what I was doing. I was half pregnant on my business.

But I knew that I needed to do something cause it was already October through the pandemic. And I had invested in myself. I hadn't really invested in my business and I just saw the signs on the walls and I thought, okay, God, I'm going to do this. I don't know what's next, but I'm going to do this and that.

And I'm going to do this with a whole heart. And sure enough that following February CEO gets on a massive town hall and says, yeah, we don't think that travel is going to come back. I was in the travel division of a major financial company and sure enough the next day, the director calls. And I said to her, this is the call, right?

And she says, yeah, this is the call. And I said to her of all the people that you may be speaking to today, you don't have to worry about that. I know this was hard to even pick up the phone, let alone a WebEx and make this call. I'm confident that I'll be okay. And so since then I've had. The, the luxury, the privilege, the honor, the, to be able to, someone said to me, pivot into my purpose and I really love that line.

Since then I've now taken my company purple circle. That's now a revenue operations company that helps businesses grow and we've I've made more money than I ever have on my own. I've taken all of the education that I have and just really gone whole hog. I'm the happiest I've ever been in, in, in the pre-show I had mentioned I had mentioned that I, it has its ups and downs for sure.

And it's extreme ups and its extreme downs, but I would rather be on the roller coaster of this life than on the hamster wheel that I was on prior.

And it's extreme ups and its extreme downs, but I would rather be on the roller coaster of this life than on the hamster wheel that I was on prior.

Yeah, I think, I think that's an incredibly beautiful synergy to align with, right? When you, when you trust that, you know, you're giving your energy, you're giving your intentionality, you're giving your focus into something that serves you so that you can serve others rather than this ideology of here's the American dream.

Right. And, and we, we all know that that's being reinvision and reinvented in real time right now. Technology is shifting and norms are shifting so rapidly in these big organizations that you and I were both a part of up until this year, but will they ever really adapt enough or fast enough to curate and create opportunity for high achievers?

To actually live a fulfilled existence, right? Like, am I truly going to minimize, diminish myself in order to fit in? And I love how you said this, the hamster wheel instead of the roller coaster, right? Like, whoa, where's your intentionality at? What can you lean into? What can you leverage within yourself to step into something that matters?

That means something powerful to you. So I love that..

Yeah, I think it's a matter of time. I think much like anything in, in the corporate world of you know, traditional organizations. I think it's a matter of time that eventually they get to a point where it's no longer the work life balance. You know, mostly work at home, you get the job done and then you, you know, enjoy whatever time you have.

I think the major, big companies, right? Like the, like the, what they call FANG, like Facebook and apple and Netflix, I think eventually they'll get there. If not majority of them are already there on their way, but for the rest of the fortune 500 and some of the other organizations that are out there in the, in the world it's going to take time and I think that's the beauty of what has come out of that.

Horrible time that, you know, with the pandemic and everything else, politically speaking, I think there's been a wonderful, wonderful change and a true Renaissance in what is work? What, what do you want to do? What makes you happy and that you can can get paid for for, you know, I think there's been a real shift in that dynamic and really understand what is work, what is my life, what is balance?

And then I think. And maybe it's just the generation and, or maybe it's just been because of what we've been through. I think another big question that has come up is, well, now what's my purpose. And I love that. I love that we're in an age where, you know, we're questioning well, is what I feel right.

Is this what I'm doing? Right. Will I be able to look myself in the mirror tomorrow? If I continue to do this or make the decision to be able to do this, whether it's a career or even relationships you know, there's something to be said about that. I think that's a beautiful Renaissance in time, I don't know if there's a new name for it or new age or era.

It definitely feels like it's a new time. And I think with time, I think the bigger organizations will get there, but I think it's really up to us to, to, to make it a point to make that change ourselves. If you know, if you're just not happy.

Yeah. Talk a little bit about the collaborative nature of building a business in real time, by being surrounded by a community, who's doing the same thing at the same time, different industries, different arenas, but like, what does it feel like for you to be in almost this incubator?

Yeah, it does feel like an incubator. That's it's so funny that you say that, you know, it, for me, it feels very natural. It almost feels like it almost feels like the lion is finally out of the cage for me. And I'm finally just able to like roam and, and just run with the animals that are out there. I think. almost feels like the lion is finally out of the cage for me and I'm finally just able to like, roam and just run with the animals that are out there.

It is a phenomenal experience to be able to do it in real-time. I think it shows the impact that you can have, especially with the evolution of technology and how, you know, arguably we're in a web 3.0 web 4.0 era where technologies are just so fast and so iterative. Yeah. It's awesome to be able to do it with other businesses, to help them and to help them grow in such a way that, like you said, in almost real-time, a business can be able to make a decision where even two or even five years ago, it would have to have had a board meeting where our numbers, you know, what are we doing in sales?

What's in the pipeline where arguably today this is going to depend on the vertical or the size of the business. Right? I would confidently say nine times out of 10 to date. If you have the right systems in place, processes, integrated technology, like you could make those decisions. Same day. If something comes up, a situation comes up and to be able to make a decision that same day, and then instantly be able to get into a collaborative mode or environment where you could either, you know, attack a situation or be able to grow or take on that new client or whatever the case may be.

Within hours, you know, within minutes versus couple of years ago, you had to have a board meeting. You have, you know what I mean? Like I think, I think it's phenomenal and I think it just shows the power of the technology that we're in, how amazing the people that you work with are I mean, I can go on and on, but it, it definitely emphasizes the whole idea of this new, you know, business Renaissance that we're in.

Yeah. Yeah. The business Renaissance is definitely the apple of my eye. It's what makes me so happy to be existing today. Right? If, if, if our global slowdown had happened five years ago, there's no way that innovation would have taken hold the way it has. We were honestly in the perf the perfect synergies and alignments in order for this.

To amplify the way that it did. Yes. I know that a lot of heartache happens throughout the world. Of course. And I honor that, but the technology and the communication, I lean more into the communication and the data then even just the technology, right? Because the technology was sitting under the surface.

We were getting it really streamlined, but I think. Having transparency in our data, right? Our financials across the organizations and the collaborative nature of communication, as it shifted into, you know, less hierarchy and more, and again, more transparency, I think, shifting into accessibility of what we intend to do, having trans transparency into how we can execute.

Right. Having that undercurrent of strategy in place just, just create this beautiful synergistic alignment where we truly can launch businesses again in real time, just see how a need and a problem can be satisfied. Implement execute partnership done. Right. And you're . In your case in point to that.

So I'd love for you to talk a little bit about your business. Tell us how you got it off the ground so quickly. And tell us a little bit more about the service you're bringing into the environment

yeah, sure. So purple circle is a revenue operations company, and that's a really fancy way of saying that we try and help simplify systems for businesses, but they could grow faster so they could you know, increase their revenues so they could invest time in what really matters to them.

And especially in this time, like you said, right where transparency and data is so free and so open and a technology and integration is so key with that. I saw that there was a real need in businesses where things were being siloed, right? Marketing, wasn't speaking to customer service, customer service, wasn't speaking to sales.

And so there was a real need for someone to kind of look up top and in conjunction with ownership or the C-level executives or whoever the case may be. To be able to in partnership, allow whoever's driving to be able to truly drive and direct the organization in whatever direction that they felt necessary.

The analogy that I use for, for purple circle is that we are the axle rod in the wheel. That is your business. And we allow leadership in that business to be able to drive that organization to their growth, to investing in their, in their colleagues or their employees, or to another part or point in their, in their business.

So whether that's revenue growth, whether it's. Taking on another organization or you can selling an exit being a part of that and giving that level of transparency reconfiguring business processes that maybe didn't work, you know, at the 15 and 30 million, you know, a year mark, but maybe it did at the zero to 400.

Right. What happened in what you did starting is not going to work as you continue to grow and scale and being able to give. That level of transparency, the business processes, the integrated technology, and then ultimately in the coolest is the automation to be able to give that, to say a smaller, medium sized business, whether it's someone in construction, whether it's a church, whether it's an events company, I'm thinking of the people that we, that we've worked with.

Give that to that organization to go, oh my gosh, we had no idea that the gross revenue that was coming in was this and compared to if we just sold it for another 2%, oh my gosh. The hap, you know, to be able to have that transparency is something that I love and internal to purple circle in our team.

Our internal KPI for success is that moment when the owner or the organization comes back to us and says not, thank you. Not, not anything else, but we were so grateful that we had this in place because now we are able to. And so to have that, to have that aha moment to finally be able to help an organization go from, you know, a local plumber.

...Our internal KPI for success is that moment when the owner or the organization comes back to us and says not, thank you... but "we were so grateful that we had this in place because now we are able to X."

To now a regional or even a state known because they don't have the right processes in place. They have the technology that scales with them. And then the automation that continuously grows with them, that to me, is like, that's, that's, that's like the ultimate win for us. That's like the biggest success.

Yeah. And it's infectious to hear you speak about the wins that you will help curate and foster for your clients because you know, that that's one of the very reasons I exited corporate as well. I really want to see where entrepreneurs and small business have the opportunity to have structure and systems just like the big boys.

Right. But doing it at their scale because you don't need to have. It's not the same technology as it was 10, 15 years ago. Where in order to have data analytics in your business, that was a $1.2 million build right now, your, your data transparency, your aggregation, your systems are so tangibly accessible, they're affordable.

And so we need to ensure that all these existing businesses that have been functioning. At a high, high capacity for themselves, but don't necessarily have the agility because they can't just turn on new business pillars, functions, systems right away. How can we bring that accessibility to them? How can we ensure that they can bolt on to practices that.

Fulfill and satisfy their needs. And I think the more of us who kind of pivot out of corporate and showcase to the small business owner, that there's a new path forward. There's something that you can do with the, with these new aggregated tools. When you bolt into a system like yours with purple circle, that can, can leverage it for you.

Right. You no longer need to be the owner of the data hub or the XYZ component to a business you can bolt on to something else. And I think that's, what's so exciting about so many of the entrepreneurial conversations I'm having lately. We're talking about strategic partnerships. We're talking about joint ventures.

We're talking about how to bolt on somebody else's zone of genius and expertise into what it is we're already doing, because we have our unique capacities and capabilities and the business doesn't have to be. Two decades ago where the business owner did everything themselves. I've had so many conversations where it's like, that's just not sustainable.

There's no longer that solo preneur ideology, where they do every component of the building of the business. They can now outsource anything that they don't intend to do themselves.

Yeah. You know, it's, it's great that you bring that up. It's something that early on was a real pain point for us here at purple circle too.

I would create, and it was in the beginning. It really was that solo preneur. That what, you know, what you're talking about, where I was going in and I was creating the technology stack unique to that client or, or to the issue or the situation at hand. And it was just, it was just so much to, to, to develop into, to program and then to train and educate.

And so. Again, emphasizing your point about partnerships. We're very, very proud to be an official partner with HubSpot. HubSpot gives us an amazing technology layer and just amazing stack in and of itself in basically like Occoms protocol because they give us 80% of what we were looking for. That 20% that's left is all the customization.

It allows for us to focus in on all of our partners pain points. Broken business processes, disparate data, all over the place, bringing it together. Finally having a unified that automation. And so partnerships are, are definitely key. The whole point about outsourcing. I love that I would caution though, that.

The groups are the people that you do outsource, you want to qualify too. So as great, as great as it feels, you also want to make sure that you have the right personality. You have the right skill set and you have the right, you know, there are certain things depending on the business that you're going to want to qualify.

However, with that being said, I would not be where I am our and, and that's what I love about our business is that our secret sauce. Is more about how we assess our clients, how we build out their unique KPIs and then help them grow. We have an internal, we have an internal model that we use called ABLE, where we assess, we build, we look and loop back to see and assess that test.

So what we built out and then ultimately execute, and these are flywheels that we build out. Unique to each situation so we can have multiple fly-wheels going at the same time. And being able to have that, being able to. Lean on these partnerships like HubSpot or even financially, you know, something that we're also really proud of too, is that on the next couple of weeks, we brought on another financial partner where we used to be able to only work with companies that would do $15 million in revenue plus, and now because of our partnership agreement with EVE financial.

We could take on anyone regardless of the financial state, because it was really important for us to help the little guy. And I love what you said about bringing that enterprise level technology down to the everyday person. I love that. I love helping and facilitating being the equalizer. To the small mom and pop shop or the small, medium sized business so that they can compete with the big corporations, the big organizations that finally it's on a level playing field.

And then you'll be able to see who the real true value is. Who's the better product or the better service. I love being able to facilitate.

Yeah, and I think it truly is the path forward and the next, you know, the next year for sure. And the next three to five is we are going to be, I won't say dismantling cause that's an aggressive word, but dismantling the large business methodology and going down into the micro ecosystems.

I call it pods, right? Having these little regional hubs for all these different organizations where you're building your own little incubator and ecosystem, right. That you lean into and somebody else is, you know, if you've got five spokes of a business that needs to be run, everybody facilitates for each other.

There's this unification that's happening. And, you know, HubSpot was one of the leading forces in unification of disparate practices within the business. Right. And now that, that is so accessible. So accessible to all these different small businesses, it makes it possible to rebuild our economies at rapids at rapid succession, because you're no longer having to wait, you know, 14 months literal 14 months in a boardroom testing examples in innovation.


Which is how, when my career started 15 years ago, what we were doing, right. We'd be like, oh, I have this idea for XYZ. And literally 25 iterations later took 14 months before you could actually touch the final product. And I love that that timeline is completely diminished. Right?

It's been collapsed. Absolutely.

Yeah. I love it because it just makes me so excited and I think that's why you and I get along so well is because we get nerdy with it. We're like, wow, what is about, you know, and I think I just, I, you know, I have my nerdy red glasses for a reason because I just, I love innovation. I love strategy. I love data.

I love playing with, with vision, right? When you can get in lock step with a founder and help them. Realizing our vision for what they want to do with their business, what legacy they want to leave behind what philanthropic endeavors they, you know, would love to be a part of that they think they're not big enough yet you show them the path forward.

This is how you can continue. And you just helped do a full 360 with these businesses. So I just, I love the mission that you're on. I love how fast you're getting the into play because you're needed now, you know, you're not needed in three, five years. You're needed now in these small businesses who are desperate for reinvention and for optimization like here you are. Here's purple circle, ready to serve. So I just honor, you Will so much for, for how fast you're getting into action. How heart-centered you are and how quickly, or you're just pulling together your strategic partnerships to make sure that you're ready to serve.

You're needed now in these small businesses who are desperate for reinvention and for optimization like here you are. Here's Purple Circle, ready to serve.

Yeah, like I said, you're, you're good for my soul, you know, where we're really proud to be able to serve everyone now regardless of the size of business, the vertical that you're in whether it's travel construction, nonprofit, I mean, you name it. Being able to work with a company and provide them the right processes, the ability to integrate with whatever you need, technologies that they need for their business, and then ultimately automating the tedious so they could focus on what matters most is is for me, like the biggest, the biggest win, and to be able to do that. You know, the pizza guy all the way through to, you know, a 30 or $50 million client is something that's really, really rewarding.

And I hope that more people see that an organization like us really is a huge help. And We try our best to make it not feel like we're trying to change a tire on a moving car. We try and really slip stream and streamline all of the changes. We white glove, the entire process. It's one of the many reasons why I'm really proud that we have the 24/7 team .

So while you sleep. The purple circle, doesn't stop spinning. We do everything we can to make sure that you have that inner peace. And that's, that's our goal for all of our clients, is that when they come into the purple circle, but they witness and experience that inner peace as they continue to grow. So we we pride ourselves on that and we look forward to being able to do that with more.

That's really beautiful. Thank you so much for your time today. Thank you for sharing this new vision mission with with the community. Let us know how we can reach into you and start working with Purple Circle.

Head on over to we have a couple of seats open for new clients as we speak, which we're really, really excited about.

So yeah. Or you can reach out to me @WiFi on Instagram. I'll always respond.

Beautiful. Thank you so much for your time today. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul, and thank you for sharing this incredibly elegant business that you have for them too.

It's beautiful.

Appreciate the opportunity thank you so much.

Yeah, for everybody watching this as another courageous conversation for storytelling by the numbers.

And I'm your host, Samantha Roberts until next time.

Bye. Bye.

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